A whole bunch of news, too powerful for one headline


News has happened and I haven't posted about it. Those close to me might put this down to "sheer and utter laziness, the likes of which it was assumed no human was capable of, but this chump has proved otherwise". And they'd be right.

But let's not dwell on that. Let's power through the powerful news.

One: Steve Purcell designed some fresh art for This Time It's Virtual and it looks grand. The pair are jumping out of their VR playground and preparing to bonk us on the head. Admire it here.

Two: That very same game was nominated for Venice Film Festival's Best Of VR award. Because apparently they do VR awards too? Cool!

Three: Speaking of TTIV, because we surely are, you can now get a demo for that game on Steam, though you can't buy it there just yet. But don't worry, soon enough you'll be able to give mighty Gabe "New Zealand" Newell your cash.

Four: Did you like the music of TTIV? You sure did, since Jared Emerson-Johnson can do no musical wrongs (he might do other non-musical wrongs, but I doubt it, he seems like a nice guy). And now you can listen to it on Bandcamp.

Five: That Sam & Max: Save the World remaster? It's now on Xbox.

Six: Bay Area Sound teased us with a video showing some sheet music for the season two remaster. Hopefully we'll be hearing more about that from Skunkape soon!

Seven: If you have Amazon Prime, and therefore Prime Gaming, you can get Hit the Road for free! That might be US-only, I'm not sure. I didn't research it. Lazy, remember?

I think that's everything! News stories will now be more timely. Maybe. God speed, citizens of Earth!

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