Action figures finally ship, the world rejoices


Turn your thoughts back to 2019. What a wonderful world we lived in, right? We didn't know it at the time, but it was peak humanity.

When Boss Fight Studio took all our hard-earned money for their Sam & Max action figures, we were happy to oblige.

"Take it," we screamed, furiously dumping bags of money on their door. "New Sam & Max stuff? In the form of action figures? Should we bend over too?"

Of course, we didn't know what was on the horizon. An unwelcome virus rocked up to our planet, with one thing in mind: delaying those glorious toys.

And delay it did. While Boss Fight Studio have gaily announced plenty more toys for plenty more franchises, we were beginning to think that the money we so keenly handed over could have been amassing the stellar interest rates that covid granted banks.

However, our time of waiting is over. To quote the Boss Fight Studio Twitter:

"They're finished at the factory and will be shortly loaded on a boat and headed to us for shipping out to customers. They'll be in your hands soon!"

Wow. Pinch me. It's really happening!

Okay, fine, "shortly", "soon", and "boat" (I prefer "blimp") doesn't glow with commitment, but let's chalk this up in the "victory" column for now.

Alongside the announcement were some photos of the new figurines, courtesy of our great leader Steve Purcell. Check 'em below.


Me too. I just want to stage goofy scenes of them harassing my boyfriend’s action figures. The anticipation is killing me! :sob:

Just got mine yesterday!

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I will definitely be getting these! And maybe a max plushie if y’all make more :two_hearts:

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