Behold, the infamous Glazed Mcguffins

Glazed mcguffins


Mmmmmmm, what’s in those? Did you make them?

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I did! I put chicken, carrots and broccoli on the inside. I used egg wash with chopped almonds before baking them. The glaze is a honey butter glaze. The only thing I didn’t make from scratch though was the biscuit dough. I do plan on making dough from scratch though at some point. They were amazing! <3

Oh my! That actually sounds absolutely DELICIOUS, is this your own recipe? It sounds delightful!

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In a sense. Though basically I just altered the actual Glazed Mcguffin recipe;
Original: Chicken beak, Horse hooves, Elephant tusks, asbestos and eye of newt. Not that very appetizing is it? But! I found a way to make them properly edible! So looking at this post and found out what each ingredient can relate or sub for the show.

Chicken beak=Chicken meat and carrots; keratine and protien
Horse hooves=Broccoli; keratine as well
Elephant tusks= Almonds; Calcium
Asbestos= sea salt and oregano; flavor
Eye of newt= mustard seed; original part of original recipe

The glaze I made up with some marinade I made for the chicken, boil it with butter, honey and powdered sugar as well as mustard seed powder to balance the sweetness.

Where’d you find the original recipe?

Also, how’d the McGuffins turn out? They look amazing, but were they any good?

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A friend told me I believe. They said they heard it in the show. And they were delicious! The filling was good but I think it needs some tweeking a bit. I am thinking of adding honey and butter cream cheese to the filling to give it more…well filling.