Beyond Time and Space remaster trailer, screenshots, release date, glory!


We all knew it was coming, but now it's official. The Beyond Time and Space remaster from Skunkape will hit PC, Switch, and Xbox on 8th December. Just in time to get iced with Santa at his station, or something like that.

You can get all the lowdown on Skunkape's season two page and on this Steam FAQ. It's high resolution, improved lighting, uncompressed audio, new musical tracks, and all of that great stuff which made the first remaster so wonderful.

Characters models have also been tweaked, with folks like Flint Paper and child Sam and Max now looking closer to Steve Purcell's designs.

Weirdly, Steam has removed the ability to give loyalty discounts, so owning the original season two won't give you a discount for this. But Skunkape plans to give owners of the first season remaster a discount, so it should all work out.

The new trailer and screenshots are below. Skunkape forever!