Bid on Steve Purcell's Calvin and Hobbes art


Our pals at the Cartoon Art Museum are auctioning off some original Steve Purcell art, inspired by the works of Bill Watterson and his Calvin and Hobbes comic.

It's part of their 'A Boy and His Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson' exhibit, of which various other artists are also contributing. All funds raised will go towards the Cartoon Art Museum's programs and exhibitions -- when humans are allowed back into museums -- which is fine by me because they ran a Sam & Max exhibit in the past.

I don't really know much about Calvin and Hobbes except that one of them likes peeing on the backs of cars or something. It's more of an American thing, I think, quite unlike the true European culture that is Asterix or Tintin, but if our pal Steve is drawing then I'm reporting.

What's that? Sam & Max is American? Quiet in the back!

Get bidding!

So its my two favorite Cartoon characters drawn by the artist of my other favorite two Cartoon characters, and It’s super expensive. Add it to the list of "Things Really want and there are a limited amount of and its super expensive and I will never be able to afford it and by the time I can afford it it will no longer be available.

yeah i feel that. we might just have to rob them or something. gotta get it somehow.

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