Boss Fight need your money to birth Mecha Max and Kaiju Sam


Boss Fight Studio, the company behind those excellent Sam & Max action figures, are back with their latest offering: nine-inch rotocast figures of Mecha Max and Kaiju Sam.

Rather than a traditional pre-order, things are a bit different this time. The figures will only get produced if 750 units are sold by the end of 15th September 2023. If the target isn't met, you get your money back.

Boss Fighter Andrew Franks says these figures were a special request from Steve Purcell, so naturally they were designed in collaboration with him. Both figures come fully painted and "in a collector's edition box with all-new artwork, retro poly bag, and header card".

They cost $79.99 each. Here are the links you need to hand over the cash: Mecha Max and Kaiju Sam. Good luck on your funding journey, nine-inch buddies!

P.S. More good news: the wave two figures are finally shipping!