Call 1-800-STARWARS for some sweet S&M merch

From an issue of Lucasarts “The Adventurer” that came in a copy of Full Throttle.


Oh wow, this awoke a lot of memories from the back of my brain stem. I always took care of the manuals/hintbooks that came with CD-ROMS because it felt like an extra collectible :grinning:

Oooh! Does anyone have any or the original merch? I’m just curious how they turned out! Especially the “not pictured” window stickers and lithographs :smiley:

that shirt design is killer and I would love to get my hands on it one day😭

THE PINS. :drooling_face: What do I need to trade to get those now? My soul? The souls of innocents? My firstborn? I’ll do it!