Chuck Jordan departs Telltale


Chuck Jordan has put up a new blog revealing that Friday was his last day working for Telltale Games. He won’t be seeing the back of those guys, he hopes, just as a regular full-timer. Chuck states it’s “been pretty clear for a while that I wasn’t going to be content unless I could get out and try to do my own thing” and that he needs “to start trying out ideas and attempting to make something more experimental than even a smaller studio like Telltale could practically take on”.

Chuck is known to us in the Sam & Max world as the the writer on Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Reality 2.0, Bright Side of the Moon, lead writer and co-designer for season two and writer and designer of The Penal Zone and the upcoming The City That Dares Not Sleep. An exhaustive dog-and-rabbit resume, I’m sure you’ll agree. All the best wishes to Chuck in his future. I look forward to seeing what he cooks up next.