Contest from the mid-2000s


In 2006 there was a Sam & Max contest that I’ve entered and won. The prize was a Max & Skullbones glow in the dark T-Shirt and boxed CD-ROM copy of Season 1. I don’t remember much else about it, I think it was hosted by TellTale and you had to answer trivia questions. So I was wondering if anyone else had memories of this contest’s existance?

Well i’ve seen a Glow in the dark T-Shirt on Ebay so I’m possibly assuming this contest was a thing?

I remember Telltale selling the Max & Skullbones shirt… I have it somewhere, but I can’t remember if it glows in the dark or whether that’s a separate. But I don’t remember that specific contest! You could go on and look at the old Telltale blog posts from 2006 to see if such a contest was held there.

(Congrats on winning, by the way! :wink: )