Create a gift for Steve Purcell, win a prize


For the last two years, Skunkape has held a Halloween arts and crafts competition. Because those scamps have been busy working on The Devil's Playhouse remaster, it slipped their mind this year. But worry not. Introducing the "Oops, We Missed Halloween So Let’s Do a Holiday Contest Instead" contest!

All you need to do is create something Sam & Max related that you think would be a worthy gift for Steve Purcell. Two winners will nab Boss Fight's wave 2 action figures, Limited Run Games' Beyond Time and Space collector's edition for PC, and a game key for The Devil's Playhouse remastered. That's an epic haul.

A bunch of runner-ups will get game keys too, since the Sam & Max community is overflowing with talent. All right, don't let it go to your head.

You've got until 17th December at 11:59pm (PST) to email your entry to

For full details, see Skunkape's Steam announcement page.

2023 Christmas competition prizes.jpg