Does anyone think the remakes and VR title will sell well enough?

I personally hope so, I have optimistic feelings because I’ve been seeing new fans pop up for the past month, whether that’s thanks to the remaster of Save the World or the VR title announcement I’m still skeptical on.

i also just want to see Sam and Max get more merchandising opportunities lol
I would do anything for a comcept art book or vinyl record of one of the seasons soundtracks.

I think the remakes will do fine but i’m not so sure about the vr game. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Regarding the merch, in the end I only hope the remakes end up being stepping stones towards getting actual new S&M games from Skunkape. But I’m sure they’ll set up a merch store of some kind if the games sell well.

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I also agree the remaster games will be O.K. The writing for the games are timeless. I am concern the VR game won’t do so well. I’m sure anyone who has a VR headset will give it a spin, but I think VR is more of a fad.

I’m going to get the VR game myself, but chances are that’ll be the only game I’ll get for my headset. If they have a plan to port it over to a normal PC or console, that would do better.

I think a bigger fear would be that someone does a Let’s Play and people get their fix from that alone. Sadly I watched the commentary of the telltale games before getting them long after the company died.

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If you want more VR games, I recently played Super Hot on VR and it feels amazing
You should definitely get it whenever you can