Fan calendar project to support Child’s Play charity


A group of talented artists from the Sam & Max community have grouped together in order to support the charity Child’s Play, an organisation set up by the founders of the Penny Arcade comic in order to deliver toys to children’s hospitals worldwide.

The artists, including users like Hayley the Hedgie and Rubygloommel who feature on this very site’s Fan Art page (hint hint!), have decided to create a calendar that’ll run from February 2011 to January 2012. They have set up a blog to show off their art as well as to publish news and answer questions about the project.

Providing lawyers don’t bust down their doors and shine lights into their eyes, the calendar should be coming together soon and available to buy (with all proceeds going to Child’s Play) or in a downloadable PDF file. Head over to their blog and see what’s what.

With credit to Hayley the Hedgie for her art used in the news image.