Hit the Road gets big box collector's release


Limited Run Games has done it again! Hit the Road is getting a new big box PC release, crammed full of amazing physical goodies, some of which feature new art from Steve Purcell. This will undoubtedly look great on your shelf alongside the recent boxes for Skunkape's remasters and This Time It's Virtual (though since BTaS and TTiV haven't shipped yet, use your imagination for now).

The Hit the Road box costs $99.99 and orders go live on Limited Run Games' website on 6th January 10am Eastern time. You'll have just under a month to get your order in, so don't wait around.

Here's a list of what's included (alternatively, if you rightfully hate reading, check the images below):

  • The big box itself
  • Hit the Road game disc in digipak
  • Manual, hint book, art book combo
  • Mini reprint of the On the Road comic
  • Case file
    • Circus day pass
    • World of Fish magnet
    • Piece of twine
    • Conroy Bumpus mini CD
  • The Thrill-Packed and Completely Unrelated Official Board Game artwork as an actual game board
    • Red die (Savage Jungle Inn branded)
    • Bottle cap game pieces (Sam, Max, Bruno, Trixie)
  • '90s attitude sticker pack (like those on the front of the original cover)
  • Mystery Vortex bumper sticker
  • Max pin

Hit the Road Limited Run Games collector's edition.jpg