I finally get to play!

I finally will get the chance to play one of the games I’ve been obsessing over so! I learned that Sam and Max season one remastered edition was available on Nintendo switch and I picked that sucker up the next day. I only have time to play it after my exams are finished so it’s a nice incentive. But in the mean time, any sly jokes in the first season I should be sure to check out? Up until now I could only watch play throughs :confused:

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Excellent! Good luck on the exams – the remaster will make the perfect treat. Just be sure to click on everything, sometimes multiple times, and try every combination of things.

If you go for a second playthrough, check out the “did you try” sections on each episode page of the site: https://samandmax.co.uk/games/telltale/save-world/culture-shock/