Ice Station Santa remaster screenshot


Of course Skunkape Games were going to remaster Beyond Time and Space, but here's the actual proof: they tweeted an image of the fancier Ice Station Santa. Santa is certainly looking good. Hopefully he'll be firing down upon us all at some point in 2021.

(Was this news from two months ago? It was. Do I care? I do not.)


just started playin Sam and Max on my Switch and I’m absolutely loving it!
SUPER pleased to hear the second season is getting remastered as well!!

Although I knew they were hoping to be made, I’m glad the first one was seemingly successful enough for them to begin work on the full remasters and I hadn’t seen the evidence until this news post (late myself) so thank you

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I’m sooo hyped that season 2 is gonna be made gl to the lads at Skunkape

WAIT!! HOLD THE PHONE, THE CORD, AND THE DRAWER HIGH OVER MAX’S HEAD!!! Sam and Max is available for the switch??? Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! No one told me! Oh my goodness gravy there is finally a game I’m obsessing over that I might actually get the chance to play! Is it the remastered version? What seasons are available? Don’t hold out one me!

It is! Season one is currently available for the Switch, with season two and three coming at a later (and currently unannounced) date.

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