Limited Run Games working on Sam & Max?


Limited Run Games are a company that produce physical editions of digital or old games. They recently announced the upcoming release of a Monkey Island box set, which will contain all five of the games and various trinkets.

The quality of those trinkets is questionable and fans were quick to let LRG know. Credit to them, they've now delayed the release and gone back to the drawing board.

During the little storm, our fine friends at Mojo interviewed LRG owner Josh Fairhust. You should read that interview anyway, but especially for this section when he is asked about future LRG productions with LucasArts:

"I can't say anything in specific, but I hope to be able to work with everyone's favorite dog and rabbity thing freelance police duo soon."

Of course, Josh could be talking about everyone's other favourite dog and rabbity-thing duo, but I think it's safe to assume that we can raise our hopes for some physical Sam & Max goodness in the future.