Limited Run reveal the Beyond Time and Space collector's edition


It's the turn of Beyond Time and Space to get a physical release from Limited Run Games. You can nab the game in a standard Switch box, but why would you want that? What you really want is the super-duper collector's edition for Switch or PC.

The big box edition comes with goodies such as episode postcards, banang sticker, mini print of the March 2007 Game Developer "Autopsy" magazine cover, and a recreation of the original season two case file (including soul train token, time card, and more).

Pre-orders open on the 6th May and run until 5th June. They won't run out, so you don't need to sit there refreshing the page, but just order within that month period. Then wait approximately a decade and your order will arrive!

Beyond Time and Space Limited Run Games Collector's Edition.jpg