New shirt and sales in the Telltale store


To celebrate the San Diego Comic-Con taking place this week, Telltale have created a special section in their store to offer discounts on certain items; of note are all the Sam and Max seasons and the paperback version of Surfin’ the Highway. Everything has two dollar signs so you know it’s a bargain.

There is also a brand new shirt, “featuring your favorite dog and lagomorph crimefighting team during their salad days”, for the sale price of $15.16. Members of the cotton fanclub can also be satisfied with the 100% dominance they hold in the shirt’s materials.

What do you think of the new shirt? I’d personally like to see Telltale try something a bit more abstract with their designs – something that a non-Sam and Max fan could appreciate while at the same time allowing us obsessives to pick up on the reference to the series.