Poker Night 2 unlock trailer


A new trailer has been put up by Telltale Games to show off the various unlockable items available in Poker Night 2.

As previously reported, players across all platforms will be able to get a Max mask for the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2. Additionally, players on PC/Mac will get Sam’s hat in Team Fortress 2, Xbox 360 will get a Sam costume for their avatar and PS3 will get a Sam/Claptrap and Sam/Portal crossover backgrounds (all amongst others, but these are the Sam & Max related goodies).

Watch the trailer embedded below and you’ll notice that Max is chilling in the background and Sam’s banjo makes an appearance. There are also unlockable decks, themes and felts based on Sam & Max’s 25th anniversary… plus, pause around the 1 minute mark to see Sam rocking a suit, bow-tie and top hat!