Sam and Max Merchandise?

is anybody able to find any of the old merchandise for sale on the internet at all? for example - the flaming max shot glass, the desoto tshirt, flaming max hat, max crossbones shirt, max crossbones hat, sam and max floaty writing pen, the media arts inc pins. I cant even find pictures of half of these items, only mentions of it

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Well…as far as I can see, a lot of those merch are sold for incredibly high prices. Heck, the recent batch of Max plushies were sold out in less than a day and they were being put up for $500 or more!

Yeah im looking to buy anything sam and max atm i have the symbiote statue the comic book collection and the new stuff basically im mainly hunting donw the floatly pen or the art book

My mom found the comics on Amazon for like 40$

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Please give me the link I will cry :prongs:

Please give me the liiink