Sam & Max are back in a VR game


You've seen the headline, yes? Read it again. Now take some deep breaths. NOW SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! SAM & MAX HAVE SAVED 2020!!!


It's true. Sam & Max are back in a brand new virtual reality game, courtesy of developer HappyGiant. The game was revealed in a trailer during Gamescom, which you can see below. It sounds like the Telltale voice actors are back, and the design of the street is inspired by their games too.

Not much information is known at this point, but it's promised that more details will come soon, so keep your eyes here.

(Of course, players of Hit the Road and Reality 2.0 will know that the pairing of Sam & Max and VR is no new thing.)

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Also, my gut tells me to keep an eye out for more info at the developer’s website, more precisely in what seems to be their Sam and Max section.

I am elated.

God, I thought this day would never come.