Sam & Max (& DeSoto) Sketch

Just joined the site and since I’m new I’m limited to one image per post and I figured the one I choose would be this old sketch I never finished born from me really wanting to draw the fully decked out DeSoto : ) I’ve improved since this (I hope) but I still think of it fondly enough to post here! Might redo it someday…eventually…


Thanks for joining and sharing. Welcome! The one image per post thing should disappear as you post and become less new, so do feel free to share anything else you’d like. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, great sketch. Their facial expressions are great and the purple colour scheme is nice!

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WOAHHH, this is cashhh! you got anywhere I can follow you?

Thank you very much! I’m flattered you like the drawing enough to ask, I’m on Tumblr, Twitter, and DeviantArt (in order of where I’m most active to least) all under the username its3oe : )


Yoo! This is banger! I’m definitely givin you a follow dude!

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followed! thanksss :]

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Oh yes, that is so awesome! You are a really good artist!

Dude this is so cool the color contracts are amazing!!