Sam & Max: Hit & Run

Hello, local crazed Sam&Max fan here!
Since the start of 2020, I’ve been heavily invested in modding of The Simpsons: Hit & Run and had this crazy idea for the biggest SHAR mod yet.
I’d like you to follow the link below the poster for more details and contact me if you have the guts to help with this tremendous project!


What an incredible, bizarre mod! I adore Hit & Run and seeing Sam & Max in that game is hilarious. I’ve got no skills to contribute here, but I’ll sit back and anticipate playing it. :smiley: Keep us updated, Weasel!


I kinda forgot I made this topic oops :banang:
Thought I’d post updates in replies here


Yes! Please keep posting updates. The mod is looking awesome.

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This is sick as hell dude!

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A little under 500 DAYS but I’m finally back in the groove to continue working on my love letter to Sam&Max franchise. Beta testing for recently released remaster really inspired me to return to the project!

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