Save the World remaster in Best Buy for a limited time


If you get yourself down to a Best Buy, you might be lucky enough to come across a physical Switch edition of the Save the World remaster. This news comes straight from the horse's/Skunkape's mouth, which also mentions that this is for a "limited time". How limited? No-one knows! That's part of the fun. Are you going to wait for your local Cheetos-coated delinquents to take them? By gum, no! So get up! Out the door! Make haste! Run to Best Buy immediately! These babies are going to fly off the shelf.

Or just order it from the Best Buy website for $34.99.

As noted by Skunkape PR Emily Morganti, the packaging is a "homage to the original Sam & Max Season One retail version, published by The Adventure Company in North America & JoWood in Europe". You can see the original and the new below (click to view bigger).