Save the World remaster is getting a physical release, complete with case file


Not content with simply remastering Save the World, Skunkape have done one better and teamed up with Limited Run Games to give the game an awesome physical release.

You want a big box? You want a disc? You want feelies? You got them.

From Friday 30th April at 10am Eastern Time, you'll have one month to place your order on:

What are those goodies? Well, the beloved case file has returned, originally sold by Telltale back in the day (check out Skunkape's history of the case file), featuring feelies from the game like a Toy Mafia fridge magnet and Max for President campaign button. The art has been updated on some of the feelies to match the remaster's improved graphics. Chew on that, eBay resellers.

It also comes with a Highway Surfin mini print (also previously sold by Telltale in full size) and episode comic cover postcards (new!).

Then there's the big box itself, which looks great and will go perfectly on your Sam & Max shrine or under your bed to collect dust.

If you want them, don't wait around come the 30th April. You'll only have a month.