Save the World remastered by ex-Telltale devs, releases next month


Can you believe that Sam & Max: Save the World (known to us oldies as “season one”) came out in 2006? Wouldn’t it be great if that game got a remaster?

Wait… what’s this… a remaster is coming out for Nintendo Switch and PC on 2nd December?! Yes, that’s less than a month away and, yes, it looks absolutely amazing.

Unlike the Shambling Corporate Presence that new Telltale is, this remaster has been lovingly created by a team of folks who worked on the original game, including Dan Connors, Randy Tudor, Jon Sgro, and Jake Rodkin. They now go by the name Skunkape Games.

The improvements this remaster offers are plentiful. Take a deep breath, this list is going to be long.

You get a 16:9 aspect ratio (be gone, 1024x768!), dynamic lighting, improved lip sync, different control methods (classic point and click or direct control), uncompressed audio, redesigned character models (with Steve Purcell’s input), a new user interface and opening credits sequence, changed camerawork for some cutscenes, additional exterior locations for establishing shots, AND five new jazz tracks from original composer Jared Emerson-Johnson.

You can get a 50% discount if you already own the original, providing you buy it before the end of December.

Here’s the official site, so give it a nice browse. Judging by the greyed-out menu, it looks like season two and three could get a remaster of their own, so be sure to chuck your money at this to make that a reality.

And here’s a trailer! And some screenshots! Sam & Max, you sweet sons of a gun, you’ve given us the vaccine we all need.


Honestly, the thing I’m most excited for is the War Song remaster.

These are awesome news! It also seems from their website that they’ll be remastering all three seasons. If this does well, we might even get new episodes!
So excited for this… And the new music!

Preordered it the very day it showed up on Steam, easiest $10 I ever spent ^^