Screenshots and story details for This Time It's Virtual


Have you recovered from yesterday's announcement of a new Sam & Max VR game, This Time It's Virtual? Prepare to let that hype build more because we now have screenshots and details about the story and team.

Also, I'm just going to quote liberally from the press release, because who has time to write new words?

We'll all be pleased to hear that the folks working on this game have experience with Sam & Max:

"Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max, is consulting on the game design, art, and story. Other team members include renowned concept artist Peter Chan, writer and designer Mike Stemmle, and Bay Area Sound. David Nowlin and Dave Boat are returning to voice Sam and Max."

"Decades ahead of the curve, we spoofed what Sam & Max VR might be like. Now, finally we can really step into their world," says our Lord, Steve Purcell. "HappyGiant is doing an amazing job capturing the flavour of Sam & Max's bizarre universe. After drawing these characters for so long, it's mind-blowing to finally walk through the door and actually interact with Sam & Max in VR."

Wouldn't it have been funny if Steve said he was unhappy with the game? No? Okay, moving on...

"It's like deja vu all over again," said Mike Levine, CEO of HappyGiant. "To be working with Steve again, as well as Peter, Mike, and Bay Area Sound, is insanely cool, humbling, and just plain weird, after so much time has passed."

Hey, Mike! Do you have room for a dork who runs a fansite in that team? No? Okay, moving on...

So, we're in good hands with the people working their butts off to get this released in 2021. Let's hear about the gameplay.

"Players will be recruited and trained as one of the few, the proud, the miscreant Freelance Police. As a new cadet, the player will be put through a series of graded courses set up inside an abandoned theme park, which probably harbours a dark and dangerous secret. As players progress, they'll put their new skills to the test in Sam & Max's neighbourhood, as well as other locales that defy description."

That rotting theme park is owned by Cap'n Aquabear, by the way. We'll also be giving evil scientists and demonic trespassers their just desserts. Tasty!

Phew... what else? GamesRadar will be sharing more info about the game today on their Twitch livestream. Anything new that comes from there will, of course, be duly reported here.

Right. Enough words. Here are five new screenshots to close us out. Feast your eyes on a corridor that hasn't been seen in games since Hit the Road.

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This looks great! The graphic style is a bit reminiscient of a mobile game, so I am excited to see how/if it grows in the next year. But I’m sure the writing and scenarios will be as bizarre and fun as we’re used to!

Really excited!!!

If they let us walk inside the office’s building then maybe Flint Paper will also be in it? :eyes: