Skunkape bless record players with Save the World


We're all hip and trendy here, right? When we want to listen to the latest ditty, we dismiss modern methods like cassette tapes. Instead, we turn to vinyl.

You know who else is hip and trendy? Skunkape. To prove it, they've released Save the World's soundtrack on an amazing-looking three-disc collector's edition vinyl.

It features Jared Emerson-Johnson's excellent compositions (it'd be weird if it didn't), cover art by Steve Purcell, and additional design by Jay Shaw.

The set is available on the new Skunkape store and comes with a free digital copy of the soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC. It costs $40 plus shipping. There are plenty in stock, though Skunkape is ready to reprint more if necessary. No need to turn to eBay scalpers here—looking at you, Max plushie.

You can see pictures of the vinyl set below, along with a weirdly sensual video.