The Devil’s Playhouse launching April 15


The following link and article contains minor plot spoilers. Look away if you’re overly sensitive.

IGN have posted up an article on their site with a first look at the new season of Sam & Max from the GDC 2010 show floor. The series will be simultaneously launching for the PC, Mac and PS3 on April 15. According to the article, the episode opens with Sam & Max being held captive by General Skunkap and having to make use of a disembodied alien brain to escape. We will be guided through the story by a Rod Serling-style narrator who will appear now and again to intersperse narration. There’s less emphasis on inventory use this time round, and instead “Max now has psychic powers like telepathy and the ability to transform into inanimate objects”. The article also mentions Sam having a notebook which contains references about returning characters and mission objectives, presumably for players who are new to the franchise.

With five episodes in total, the season will be sold at $29.99 for the full set, with PlayStation 3 owners being able to pre-order from the console’s download service. If you order through the Telltale site for PC and Mac, you’ll gain access to an exclusive board on the forums to chat with developers. Keep your eyes on the site, more details can be expected in the very near future.