The Devil's Playhouse remaster delayed until 2024, new screenshots keep us sweet


While we previously reported that The Devil's Playhouse remaster was coming out in 2023, Skunkape realised that they needed extra time to make the game perfect. You could say that the game has proven quite devilish to remaster! Ho, ho, ho!

That means the remaster is now launching in Spring 2024. To lessen the pain, Skunkape have kindly blasted out a wealth of screenshots and comparison shots. They've also updated the original teaser accordingly. If that sounds delightfully devilish, see it all below.

You can also now wishlist the game on Steam, which probably helps boost its reach, so go do that. Besides, everyone needs to admire Max in his cute new hat.

Ahem. MAX in his cute new hat? Im afraid that is actually his great grandfather MAXIMUS in the cute new hat.

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I will never forgive myself for this blunder.

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