The Penal Zone gameplay, concepts and wallpapers


The media train is in full force for The Devil’s Playhouse, with gameplay footage appearing on Gamespot. The four videos all show gameplay footage from the beginning of the game, one with an interview with Telltale’s Will Armstrong on top. Over on Giant Bomb, they have posted a “Quick Look EX” a thirty minute walkthrough of the game’s opening (an early build) by Armstrong and Chuck Jordan. If you haven’t realised, there’ll be spoilers.

Along with the screenshots previously released, there are also four new pieces of concept art show characters Sal and Papierwaite, and a museum and lab location. These, along with the trailer, can be viewed on our page for The Devil’s Playhouse.

With all this new media out there, it’s a perfect opportunity to kit out your computer with some great wallpapers. So head over to our downloads page to bring your desktop to life with high resolution backgrounds.

Finally, the A.V. Club conducted an interview with Steve Purcell to talk games. Speaking of interviews, we’ve got one coming up with Steve too. Go here to ask your question to him – closing this Monday.