The perfection of The Office theme

No, I don’t mean The Office sitcom. I’m talking about the office theme that Jared Emerson-Jonhson composed for Telltale.

It’s really hard to pick the best piece of music from the Telltale games, but I think it might be this. It’s a jazzy delight and makes me really nostalgic for when I first played Culture Shock.

Do you have a favourite piece of music from Telltale’s games?

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The track is so good it has at least 6 official remixes!

  1. Original from season 1
  2. Dream-office from 101
  3. The Office 2.0 from 105
  4. Season 2 remix
  5. La Oficina del Futuro (204 remix)
  6. The poker night remix


Season 1, hands down. I do like the season 2 version a lot but the beginning isn’t nearly as good as season 1 for me.