The Save the World remaster has arrived, you must buy


Christmas has come early, as the Sam & Max: Save the World remaster is now out. You can grab it for PC from Steam and GOG, as well as for the Switch.

I'm sure you've been waiting for our official opinion before buying, so allow me to satisfy your appetite: BUY! BUY! BUY!!!

Done and done! No regrets!!

Just bought, played some. Now I am slightly beyond curious. I do not want to get into what happened to the old Bosco’s VA. But I am worried about the new one. To me he strikes way too sane, not going as far as to put the emphasys on words correctly in the sentance “Just lock him up and throw away the jail” . The old VA said it like “Yeah I know you might think I said it wrong but trust me, I want them to throw away that jail !” and the new VA says it softly like someone catching themselves on an error and halfway trying to eat their own words.

Now it might just be me and my ever-for-irregularities-scanning brain. But I do would like some opinions on what I think here.