The Unweekly Roundup


At time of writing, it’s fifteen days until The Penal Zone will be smashing into your PC, Mac and PlayStation. Excited? Voice your opinion in the poll to the right. But quit looking into the future, we’re here to look back and see what happened in the past.

» Telltale hosted an invite-only event at GDC to celebrate the announcement of their new Sam & Max season. But for those not so lucky, Gametrailers has come to the rescue and published a video showing off some… best bits?

» Don’t want a free DVD with your games on at the end of the season? Don’t want to choose what free Telltale episode you want? Don’t panic, because you can now pre-order The Devil’s Playhouse on Steam for £24.99 (with Night of the Raving Dead free).

» Chuck Jordan, designer and writer for the new season, appeared on Gamespot’s video show Today on the Spot to talk through some of the introduction of the game. There’s no new content if you’ve been keeping track of everything else, but it’s an interesting watch nonetheless.