This Time It's Virtual: launches today, new trailer, Reddit AMA


We are hours away from the first entirely new Sam & Max game in a very long time. Get your VR headset ready, because This Time It's Virtual! will land on the Oculus Store soon. Be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments.

To celebrate, there's a new trailer (see below) and developer Happy Giant are doing a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" at 8pm EST on /r/samandmax.

Oh! And Happy Giant have created a Discord, if you're all fancy and modern.

See you in the virtual world...

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Overall I thought it was good. A little light on puzzles, though that makes sense considering they wanted to introduce some new mechanics like shooting and throwing objects, along with locomoting in a way that is only possible to do with VR. That being said, one part of the game is just an escape room and I really enjoyed it so I wish there was a bit more in the puzzle department. The story was good, definitely silly and definitely Sam & Max, though it did have quite a few throwaway characters (and mechanics) that I wish they did more with. (They added three new characters and do nothing with them aside from make them each give you an item). There were a few glitches, which is fairly standard for a new VR game(they already are working on a patch to fix a few of them) and also Happy Giant hasn’t done a lot of VR projects yet (They’ve mainly done AR and this is by far their biggest VR project yet) so I’ll give them some slack in that department. My only real complaint is that I want more in two areas: 1. Character interaction: Aside from telling you what to do and occasionally giving a hint Sam & Max just watch you do a lot of the game and I wish there was more to do with them. They don’t react to you touching them (the first thing I did in the game was hug them) and they don’t comment on anything you can’t pick up. I know that would have been a lot of voice lines but to be fair, the previous games did have them say witty comments on whatever you looked at. 2. Content: This game wasn’t short. For VR Standards. Compared to their other games, even the first, this was short. Part of that is the lower reliance on puzzles that confuse you like in previous games, and the other part is that this was probably the most complex Sam & Max game to make yet, but I still wish there was more. DLC hasn’t been announced yet, but I hope they plan on making it, because I want moar! Overall I give this game 8/10 Cans of Dr. Dills

Discord says that the invite link is invalid or has expired. Could someone please send the new link that works?

me who doesn’t have a oculus quest and is poor:
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