This Time It's Virtual releases in June 2021


It's a big day for This Time It's Virtual news! The game will be coming to the Oculus Quest in June 2021 and will cost $29.99. SteamVR and Viveport Infinity support will come later in the year, followed by PlayStation VR in early 2022. All of this goodness will be published by Big Sugar.

There's also lots of new screenshots and a gameplay video that gives us a look at Sam & Max interacting with fast food man, artist lady, and evil rooftop dude. It's always hard to judge a VR game by watching a video, but it looks chaotic and fun.

I'm going to assume that Happy Giant will be merch-ing the Sam & Max watch that you can briefly see in the video. I'm also going to assume that at one point in the game someone will ask you for the time and you'll say "This time it's virtual!" Yeah, that's gold. I'm coming for your job, Stemmle.