Welcome back to Sam & Max.co.uk!


Welcome back to the best (...okay, only) Sam & Max fansite on the web! Or if this is your first ever visit, hello!

No doubt you have been trying to visit the site every morning, munching down your Sugar-Glazed Handballs, wondering why it wasn't loading. Yes, we had some downtime. No matter – I let Max into the basement to have a go at the server with a hammer and he was able to resurrect the site.

I think Max must have also learnt web development while he was down there because the site has also been completely rehauled with a brand new design and fresh content on all the pages. And on its tenth-and-a-bit anniversary!

All the old news is still here (though the comments got purged, sorry), along with awesome new features like a forum. How modern!

Hopefully you like what you see. Have a browse around, indulge in the Sam & Max goodness, and I'd love to hear what you think in the comments.