What would be your ideal Sam&Max Reboot?

Hi everyone!! I’m honestly just curious for your opinions; what would be the perfect reintroduction of Sam and Max? Personally I would love another cartoon… but tell me what you guys think!

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Hey @snuckeys! Welcome! Would you want the cartoon to be in the same style as the original, with similar energy and animation, or something entirely different?

For me, obviously I would welcome anything, whether it’s a new comic or cartoon, but I think I’d be most excited about a new game. I’d love to see what a 2020 Sam & Max game could be like, especially with how wild Telltale’s third season was a decade ago.

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I’d totally love another cartoon! maybe as a Netflix exclusive? but also another video game would be fantastic, maybe under a new studio and not…telltale considering they haven’t been doing so hot lately.

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I would love another cartoon with the same fast paced energy as the original, but with a higher animation budget? I feel like if you kept a comic book feel for the aesthetic of it and then upped the animation it would be amazing.

One thing I’m not sure about is whether it should be marketed towards children or adults. Seeing as the original cartoon was targeted towards children but only got one season, maybe an edgier feel would be better for it (along the lines of the original comics or any of the video games). But to me anything would be good haha.

I definitely think a new animated show should be targeted at a more mature audience. That said, the comics aren’t wholly unsuitable for a younger audience, but they’re certainly not targeted at the youngsters of the TV show. Besides, an animated show for adults is a far less riskier proposition nowadays – look at Netflix, there’s loads of them there – and fans of the original will have grown up anyway.

Definitely agree! A Netflix exclusive Sam & Max cartoon with the animation chops of, say, Green Eggs and Ham would just be the coolest thing ever to me. I can dream!


Oooh that would be amazing, Green Eggs and Ham was done perfectly. It’d be damn amazing if they did Sam and Max that way.

First person shooter set in reality 2.0 with lootboxes and competitive multiplayer, and a bare bones single player story mode :chuckles:

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Don’t forget the season pass where you need to pay an additional $17.99 for the gold tier unlockables and exclusively timed King Max skin.

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