What's the best voice pairing?

  • Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson (Hit the Road)
  • Harvey Atkin and Robert Tinkler (animated series)
  • David Nowlin and William Kasten (Telltale)

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I thought it’d be interesting to hear who you all think works best as the pairing for Sam & Max voice actors, putting aside what you think of the surrounding game/show.

It’s a tricky one for me, since I think they’re all great and bring their own energy to each medium. Atkin and Tinkler are perfect in the animated series where everything is a bit hyper and amped up, but that probably wouldn’t work so well in the slower-paced games.

For me, I think the animated series voices are ever-so-slightly the best, but it’s really hard to choose. They’re all amazing in my opinion, though Nowlin/Kasten grew more into their performances and the characters as the seasons went on.

David and William did very well but I think the animated series did it best, I loved Harvey Atkin as Sam and Robert Tinkler did a very job portraying Max’s chaotic but fun nature.