Who would you wanna see made into a Boss Fight Studios figure?

With our Freelance Boys finally getting the action figure treatment and the Rubber Pants Commandoes in the next wave, I wanna know, who would you wanna see made into figures for future waves?

Me, my top 10 choices would be:

  1. The DeSoto (Yes it counts… our boys need a car to drive)
  2. Superball
  3. The Geek
  4. Mack Salmon
  5. Jurgen
  6. Lorne The friend for liiiife
  7. Papierwait
  8. Sybil
  9. General Skunkape
  10. Bosco

I’d sell my first born for a Bruno and Trixie set.

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Definitely agree with your top three choices. They totally need a car to drive around in (because of COURSE), and I would love to see the Geek and Superball as figures :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Boss Fight Studios has done plenty of mighty steed figures (As you’ll see here), so why not try a challenge with the MIGHTIEST steed of all… the DeSoto!

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ALL THE YES FOR A DESOTO! I’ve been evilly plotting to set up goofy scenes of Sam and Max harassing my boyfriend’s action figures in his collection, and I could do some serious damage with a Desoto. :smiling_imp:

As for characters, I’ll take pretty much anyone. Flint Paper springs to mind immediately. I also would kill for a Noir Sam. :heart_eyes:


T3T I’m cursing myself for not including Flint Paper in my wishlist

Bosco…i want the gray man

Weird, I always thought he was more purple-ish

Sal, anyone?
I’d also be cool with Hugh Bliss, Kringle, The Soda Poppers, or maybe some of the Mole People.

I’d also be interested in [insert TTIV Character here, don’t want to spoil anything].
Oh and Conroy Bumpus and Lee Harvey.

And for the full memes I want a three pack of the Snuckey’s employees.

In general I guess I want any villain to put Sam and Max up against.

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8 Figures I want (not in order): Flint, Superball, The Geek, Bosco, Stinky, The Soda Poppers, Abe Lincoln and Sybil