Who's your favorite?

Who is your favorite out of the duo? Sam or Max? Tell me why you think so!

Sam is my favorite because hes got a lot of charm and wit, he’s got that aura that radiates “This would be the person to quote obscure black and white detective shows”. He’s very close to me and I personally love him the most out of any character that I’ve liked. :heart:

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What a thing to ask! :scream:

I’ve never really considered which one is my favourite. I’d change my answer each day if you forced me to say. I see them as an inseparable duo that work best because of their dynamic. I think Max often gets more love because he’s the more zany of the two, especialy in Telltale’s games, so it’s fun to hear that you prefer Sam.

Generally i like Sam more although i find myself relating to Max a bit more then sam.

Oh I might as well! Sam is my absolute favorite out of both of em. I love Max but Sam…oh. I don’t know the right words…He just has this air about him. He’s also so freaking adorkable. He gives me this feel of…something familiar. Something I lost ages ago. It’s hard to be sad when I’m watching Sam crack a joke. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smile: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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Well, the answer is a bit obvious, but as a Sam cosplayer, it’s obviously Max, I mean, Sam is cool and all, but something about max never fails to make me laugh, though I don’t think you could choose between two great characters.

The most obvious answer is “yes” :stuck_out_tongue: To love one without the other is pure madness!

I love both of em, but Max is my favorite because i relate to his memory not being good and well him being overly zany.

Well Maxy boy, is easily my favorite. But I also love that funky little dog boy as well.

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