Why Sam is My Favorite Character

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He is a nice Man


Sam is a cinnamon roll. He’s so damn sweet, even when he’s passive aggressive. He’s so friendly but reserved. Quite intelligent as well. His smile, no doubt, is one of his best traits. He’s super chill most of the time, but he can also kick your ass if you push him too far. Sam is quite mischivious (Especially when around Max) and can be such a dad at times (look at his jokes). Yeah he kinda spews (almost) useless information at times, but it’s entertaining and I’d love nothing more than to hear him blather for hours on end. Not to mention his singing. Augh! I wanna hear more of it. He’s a good boy who can get away with just about anything with a smile and a bullshit sentance. I adore this character.

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