Will we ever get a reprint of the comics?

I’ve been a fan of Sam & Max for at least 5-6 years and I never had the chance to really collect anything.
The only Sam & Max I own is digital.
I’m probably going to get the figures at some point.
But the thing I’m mostly interested in is the one thing that just doesn’t exist online except for downloads.
Surfin’ The Highway. Even if I found it online, it would cost both arms and probably both legs.
So will there ever be reprints? or should I just feel depressed that I missed my chance of ever getting one lol.

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There are also other Sam and Max things I wanna collect but will sadly never collect because this franchise is very limited lol.
So I’m counting my self lucky that I have digital.

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Sadly, I can’t really see that happening, but maybe one day they’ll print and sell new comics :slight_smile:

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But surely they have enough pennies to reprint that book. I mean they already reprinted it once but that was 14 years ago. It just feels weird to me. :smiley:

I dunno, but I really hope so, it would be boss to get my hands on a physical copy of one of the comics

true tbh :grinning: :innocent:

It’s a shame that there’s so little merch, when I get better I drawing them I’m going to make a design and get it printed on a shirt for personal use

it’s a shame that’s there’s so little anything tbh.

I know! They have a Max plushy but where’s my Sam plush!? If I only got the Max it would no doubt try to suffocate me out of pure, unregulated aggression.

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