Your Sam and Max Collection?

What do you own that’s Sam and Max related? or plan to try and get for your collection? I own these two comics and trying to get phsyical versions of all 3 Telltale Seasons, already owning them digitally though along with Hit The Road, aswell as trying to get the Physical Sam and Max FP Cartoon DVD. I’ve also pre-ordered the Now Delayed Sam and Max Figures,


Great thread, Beagle! Thanks for posting.

It’s awesome that you own some of the physical comics! I have all the ones that Telltale printed, including the hardback Surfin’ the Highway, but don’t own any of the original run. Have you read them or do you keep them contained in the plastic?

The rest of my collection is quite expansive, though I by no means have everything. I’ve got all the games on disc, signed prints from Steve, some figurines, all the Telltale merch like case files, etc.

One thing I’d like to add to my collection is a t-shirt! I did have the Max & Crossbones shirt, but it shrunk. Hopefully we get some more shirts or clothing in the future so we can rep Sam & Max on the streets.

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I’ve kept them in the plastic but did read them once! they had that old timey comic paper smell! they haven’t been opened much either due to the spines being in really good condition and haven’t been broken in yet! I got these both for 12$ being 24$ together from eBay! I would love to get them signed by Steve. I may also plan on getting the Season 1 and Beyond Time and Space games for the Wii aswell!

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Niiiice! I open all the telltale games, two comics, the “surfin the highway” comic book (?) , max plushie, max jacket, max mug, bag of telltale buttons, hit the road game (digital copy), some telltale merch for the game, sam and max keychains and one signed poster from steve himself!

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This is my Sam & Max collection! :smiley:


  • The original Sam & Max Hit the Road (English version inside) on 3.5" floppy disks
  • The CD version of Sam & Max Hit the Road in the LucasArts Classics bundle with DotT
  • The complete 3 seasons of Telltale’s Sam & Max games
  • The complete Sam & Max Freelance Police animated series (+ sticker)
  • Sam & Max Surfin the Highway Anniversary Edition book
  • Sam & Max Symbiotes figures


Nice! I really love that sticker, but I put it on a shelf that I had to get rid of. At least it had it’s time, I suppose!

What language is that copy of Hit the Road? The logo looks great. :grin:


Thanks! The sticker is very nice, I’m waiting for a good spot to put it hehe :smile:
That’s the Hebrew release of the game, full Hebrew box and manual, the game is the same as the English version :smiley:


Nice collection!

On my side, I have the original Hit the Road box (CD version) with the Hint book, the Surfin’ the Highway book and a t-shirt with Max head!

As soon as I can, I will post pictures :slight_smile:


Sounds great, please do share pictures. Is the t-shirt the one with the Max skull and crossbones?

I have:

  • All four games
  • the Season three posters
  • the Symbiotes figures
  • Surfin’ the Highway Anniversary Edition
  • The Animated Series DVD
  • An animated series VHS
  • The Color Edition book
  • The Symbiots keychains
  • And the Max plushie!

Once they ship out, I shall have the Action Figures as well!! ^^

Update on the collection!! Sam Figure will get here soon and then I’ll order a Max one! Maybe also hope to get a physical copy of hit the road and some of the comics I haven’t gotten. I also hope to get the Max plush when it restocks!

I used to have both Sam and Max sketchbooks, but regretfully I sold them over 10 years ago for $350. In hindsight… it wasn’t worth it.
I also have Steve’s artwork print for Telltale’s Season One framed as well as all of of the Devil’s Playhouse episode prints, but the forum only lets me post one image at a time. Also, that Hit The Road Big Box is the original copy my Mom brought home in 95 that started my whole obsession.
Also, also, That hit the road in the style of the other Telltale games seasons is one I printed off years ago. It was made by a fan on the Telltale forums back in the day.

Also, also,also, I just remembered I have Season One “Save the World” for the Wii somewhere. #humblebrag



I just got into Sam and Max around late January, so I hope my collection expands more and more! Hopefully that Max plush gets back in stock soon, that and the Bossfight toys are my two targets rn!!

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Hi, guys! I’m not really new to Sam and Max, became a big fan in June 2021. I really wish I had more to show you guys, but this is really all of my collection. A few items on my list are
-At least 1 one the Sam and Max VHS tapes
-The bossfight figures (I know they’re still available, they are just pretty expensive)
-Telltale season 1 on Wii (its not that rare, its just such a oddity to me.)
Anyway, thanks for reading my meh post!