What was your first experience with Sam & Max?

I’m interested with your first interaction with the two lovable freelance policemen! Was it the Games, the Cartoons, the Comics, or maybe even the Fandom? Mine was playing the first episode of the TTG on an Xbox 360 Demo, and then a year later, I bought the whole TTG Series bundle when it was for sale around the time the Steam Summer Sale happened!

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Was that when they first came out on Xbox @BeagleBagel, or did you discover them some time after?

Although I loved the LucasArts adventures growing up, for whatever reason I was never exposed to Hit the Road. My first proper experience came from Telltale when they released Culture Shock. I think I played the demo (if there even was a PC demo?!) and then paid for the whole season. The monthly episodic releases were exciting – something to look forward to each month and read theories online. From here I then played Hit the Road, watched the animated series, read the comics, and the rest is history.

It was definitely some time after, I know it was probably around 2017, waaay long after everything finished. I wish I could’ve been there for the monthly releases of the game but I was still far too young to barely even grasp the concept of what a “point and click” game was, all I had at that time was a hand-me down PS2 from my dad.

On the bright side, you had loads of Sam & Max games to enjoy all at once! That wait between season two (2007) and season three (2010) seemed like an eternity at the time. Little did we know what the wait would be for the fourth… :smile:

Hmm… my first experience was probably with the first season on Gametap all the way back in it’s heyday. Ever since then I’ve been a gigantic fan, pretty much the only thing from my childhood that I feel a large attachment to unlike anything else.

I’ve consumed all Sam & Max content (including the comics and the animated series) except uh… and don’t kill me, Hit the Road. Weirdly enough I’ve tried to play it in the past but stopped either due to it not running on my old PC for some reason, or a vague hope that Double Fine would be announcing a remaster right around the corner (since that happened when I originally played Grim Fandango).

This video right here! Youtube was recommending this video for literal months and I blew it off because the rabbit looked weird, lol. little did I know I’d worship the ground him and his canine best friend walked on

@Coaster A Hit the Road remaster would be great and I almost thought it was coming from Double Fine, but nothing ever came from it. Seems like it’d perform well! Perhaps since Tim Schafer didn’t work on it he doesn’t feel the same attachment to it like Grim or DotT.

@Yuley4604 That’s pretty funny that you became a fan from a random YouTube video! I assume you got into the animated series first then?

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yep! I love it and have it downloaded

My first experience was pretty uneventful, was looking on Steam for games during one of the big sales they have running all the time, saw that Hit the Road was $2, and decided why not check it out? That led to me watching the animated series, reading the comics, and then getting the whole Telltale set during another sale and it became one of my favorite pieces of media ever. Honestly I’m not sure why I didn’t get into it before then because I was aware of it and had a passing interest, but I guess I just was too lazy or something.

I have known about Sam and Max for quite sometime…or at least their existance. I never got into the series until I believe it was after St. Patrick’s day this year. Being in quarentine, you get bored. And since I kinda grew out most of the stuff I liked already, I decided to give them a chance. I watched a playthrough of Sam and Max Save the world: Episode 1. Before I knew it, I was sucked into it and actually got excited to see who the culprit was or whatever Sam and/or Max have to say. After that, They grew on me fast and I absolutely regret for even thinking of turning away from this series. There’s just this air about em…as weird as it may seem. They also use a lot of words I have NEVER heard before but I learn something new everyday. :slight_smile:

I first saw Sam & Max Hit the Road while visiting my cousin (1994), I remember really liking the characters and wacky theme, so much that for my next birthday I went to the computer store and bought the game, still have the original CIB! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: