Win a Max action figure


If the site hadn't been down for ages, I would have been happily posting about the news that Boss Fight Studio are working on some awesome Sam & Max action figures.

As it was, I had to send the news via smoke signals.

Anyway, to celebrate the news and the site relaunch, it's time to run a competition.

One lucky person will win the Max action figure! All you need to do is comment on this post and let me know what your favourite Max moment is -- whether that's from the comics, games, TV series, or your wild imagination.

The competition will close on Monday 27th April 2020 at 1pm BST.

Oh! And here are some important terms. Please read them before entering:

  • The action figure ships from the United States. I will pay for postage, but you will be responsible for any import duties/custom charges/etc. that may apply to your country on receiving the package.
  • The action figure is currently on pre-order. There is no date for when it will ship.
  • The winner will be picked at random.
  • One account and entry per person, please. I'll know!

Good luck!


Ahhh, winning this would be perfecttt. My favorite max moment is when max was getting flirted with by ms honeybunny and he said “A boat will be along shortly. And that means sailors. Yep, you’ll be picked up alright.” What a charming devil he is.

Max biting Hitler’s head, killing him.

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Max’s sacrifice during The Devil’s Playhouse was actually very poignant. I love that game.

Hmm i think i would have to pick either the comic in which sam is holding multiple nazi scalps but id say every single interaction he has in poker night is also very close

“We shaved their hair off and tattooed garish wrestling masks across their heads!”

Max’s presidental speech from season one will always be a highlight for me, but in my opinion, every max moment is the best max moment.

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Here’s a lot of good Max moment but one of the best is when he spellcheck Sybil for misspelling appetiser, it’s so out of character that it becomes funny

I always loved the moment in the first episode where they randomly talk about the secret password
That password being Haggis of course

Probably Max’s presidency as a whole. Just to get into a single room.

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“Think nothing of it Sam. Luckily, I was still numb from having that mossy obelisk break my fall. And my hip. And four of my ribs.”

definitely a big fan of the nazi killing art like a few people have mentioned already, but besides that i’m partial to when he scolds the player in hit the road for making sam cry after clicking the same thing too many times + the discussion with hell bliss where he’s listing off obscenities : )

Favorite moment is definitely the bit where Max is talking about cannibalizing Sam and says “If ya don’t like it, stop looking so damn tasty.” Good luck everybody!

It has to be when I beat Hit the road the first time… I guess I was 9 years old and I didn’t understand a single word of english. I had to try all the dialogs and possible interactions, the truly memorable moment was when I cracked the golf game, felt amazing. It’s funny how my cousin who was also around 9 at that time and lived in the US for a while would tell me that dialogs didn’t make much sense :smile:

The soda poppers theme song.

When Max was running for President and he told the joke with the Pope

The first moment that comes to my mind is from the TV show when Sam was talking to this receptionist lady (I think her name was Honey Bunny, or something?) and Max said “Gee, Sam, aren’t we being a little familiar?”

Favourite moment is definitely when Max pretends to be dying in the first game of the telltale series

Favourite Max moment is actually in Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight. Max turns up as an Easter egg in A house on one of the levels in that game.

I made hundreds of screen shots print outs for all on my mates when I was a kid.

Fast forward to 5:30

My favorite Max moment is when Max does something